The Martin Farms Mission Statement for the 21st Century

The mission of Martin Farms is efficient production of beef cattle seed stock genetically and phenotypically equipped to add value and increase potential for net profit at every station in the beef production chain. 

We will continue to utilize multi-trait selection for measurable, economically important traits that impact productivity as well as convenience traits that add further value to seed stock cattle. Furthermore, we will continue the pursuit of production agriculture with an innate respect for the land and the animals in our charge.


Priorities & Goals of Martin Farms for the 21st Century

  • To provide outstanding customer service by listening and responding to customer needs.
  • To further build and develop a herd of functional, productive beef cows that are uniform, manageable and enjoyable.
  • To emphasize soundness, growth, disposition, fertility, body composition and carcass potential as these traits relate to beef production.
  • To recognize and respond to changes in the beef industry with a comprehensive perspective and an optimistic attitude.
  • To profit fairly from financial, physical and emotional investment in the seed stock industry.