PVF Insight 0129 x MF Pink
Homozygous Black & Polled SimAngus
ASA #: 3100603
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MSR Great Plains 3793A

ASA #: 2858955

  • MF Cookie
    MSR Great Plains x MF Vanilla Bean

    Owned by Running Springs Cattle Co. Nolensville, TN

  • MF Cotton
    MSR Great Plains x MF Vanilla Bean

  • MF Coconut
    MSR Great Plains x MF Vanilla Bean

  • MF Badlands

    MSR Great Plains x 3C Southbound

  • WEF Praline

    MSR Great Plains x MF Vanilla Bean

  • WEF Pistachio
    MSR Great Plains x MF Vanilla Bean

MF Alter Ego

ASA #: 2696505
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MF Alter Ego is a homozygous black, homozygous polled, blaze-faced son of Top Grade out of an own daughter of Antoinette K205. A phenotypic standout at weaning time, Alter Ego developed into a big-footed, long-bodied sire of moderate birth weight calves that mash the scales down at weaning time. Used successfully in both commercial and purebred herds, Alter Ego is now a herd sire at Blake Drenon Simmental in Windsor, Missouri where his first calves will arrive in that program this fall. Semen is available through Martin Farms at $20/straw.

  • Dam of MF Alter Ego
    Nichols Legacy x HC Power Drive

  • MF Alter Ego
    Top Grade x Nichols Legacy G151

  • MF Crown Jewel
    MF Alter Ego x MF HB Beefer Dice

  • MF Curtain Call

    MF Alter Ego x MF HB Beefer Dice

MF Pink

ASA #: 2488097
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MF Pink earned the right to be called a donor in our program with a stellar production record on her first three natural calves. After thirty progeny total recorded to her credit, she records a birth ratio of 101, weaning ratio of 109, and yearling ratio of 113 with an IMF ratio of 111 and REA ratio of 106. Pink’s EPDs rank her in the top 1/3 of the breed for both birth weight and yearling weight, top 25% for milk, and top 10% for REA and ADG. Her progeny have consistently been features in our Open House at the Farm production sale, and an ET son that was purchased as an embryo was the second high-selling bull at the 2017 New Day Genetics Bull Sale at $10,500. MF Pink is now a donor for Taylor Farms in Midway, Tennessee, but her influence will continue to flourish at Martin Farms through her daughters and granddaughters as well as her son, HSCC/MF Black Camo.

  • HSCC/MF Black Camo
    MF Pink x PVF Insight
    Homozygous Black & Polled

  • MF/WEF Indigo
    MF Pink x PVF Insight
     Full sister to Black Camo
    Co-owned with Kendall Martin

  • MF Orchid C43A

    MF Pink x V A R Index

  • MF Jade
    MF Pink x V A R Index

  • MF Fuchsia

    MF Pink x V A R Index

  • 48C Pink 106C
    MF Pink x PVF Insight
    Owned by Karys Wilson
    Crossville, TN

  • MF Arabesque
    MF Pink x MCM Top Grade
    Owned by Emily Ivey
    Loudon, TN

  • MF Straightforward
    MF Pink x Nichols Manifest
    Owned by Cattlemen's Choice Genetics
    Deepwater, MO

NB Regina 71Z

ASA #: 2679212

Regina is a flawlessly designed, homozygous black and polled SimAngus female whose pedigree stacks the prolific purebred donor dam 5U and one of the great maternal matriarchs of the Angus breed, Coleman Donna 714. We selected Regina as the $8,500 high-selling lot on the 2013 Tennessee Showcase Sale, and she has earned her spot among our donors at MF with a calving interval of 378 days on her first four natural calves. Her first flush to TJ Main Event produced 23 Grade 1 embryos, and we are excited about her future and her contribution to our program.

  • NB Dreamboat Anne 5U
    Dam of NB Regina

  • Sire, Coleman Regis 904
    Final Answer x Coleman Donna 714

MF Yakira

ASA #: 2587752

MF Yakira is a homozygous black and polled, DD-free SimAngus daughter of Blue Moon out of the performance matron N881 by GW Lucky Dice. Daughters and granddaughters of N881 have been prolific, profitable, and productive members of our cow herd for many years, and the high-performing bulls out of this cow family are consistently among the first picks by our commercial bull buyers. With calving ease and birth EPDs in the top 10% of the breed, Y881’s EPD profile suggests a perfect blend of low birth weight, growth performance, maternal influence, and carcass merit resulting in an All Purpose Index of $161 placing her in the top 5% of the breed for API. Embryos are available by MF Alter Ego and Hook’s Broadway, and we expect a lot more from this cow family in the years to come!

MF Vanilla Bean

ASA #: 2488095
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MF Vanilla Bean was a beloved member of the “Virginia” cow family and a favorite of every visitor to Martin Farms. After earning her way into our donor pen, we made the difficult decision to offer Vanilla Bean for sale through the 2015 Open House at the Farm where she was purchased by Hilltop Simmentals of Hudson, SD for $18,000. Vanilla Bean’s influence will remain in our program through several of her daughters, and we hope one of them will step up and replace her mother as our favorite cow in the herd. 

  • MF Cookie
    Vanilla Bean x MSR Great Plains

    Owned by Running Springs Cattle Co. Nolensville, TN

  • MF Cotton
    Vanilla Bean x MSR Great Plains

  • MF Coconut
    Vanilla Bean x MSR Great Plains

  • MF/LVF Dark Horse
    Vanilla Bean x GLS Integrate

  • MF/WEF Sweet Vidalia
    Vanilla Bean x Upgrade
    Owned by Hill Top Simmentals
    Hudson, SD

Burtner "Virginia" XN9

ASA #: 2488095

It’s hard to quantify the impact of such an influential female on one breeding program. Chris found a two-year-old first-calf-heifer at Scotty Burtner’s mature cow herd dispersal in 1990 and thought she looked like the kind that would make “the best cow we ever owned” someday. From that day on, XN9 was affectionately known as “Virginia” and she became the cornerstone to our homozygous black and polled Simmental and SimAngus breeding program. “Virginia” was an extremely fertile and productive purebred Simmental female that raised 15 natural calves with a lifetime weaning weight ratio of 102. Her signature was her consistency, and her longevity in our herd compounds the influence she will continue to have in our program through the daughters and granddaughters she left behind.

  • MF Vanilla Bean
    Great-granddaughter of
    Burtner "Virginia"

  • MF Pink
    of Burtner "Virginia"

  • LVL Kismet
    Granddaughter of Burtner "Virginia" and maternal grandam of MF Pink